Education Journey Road-Mapping

that tracks learning as it happens, 

to convert the learner’s educational data

into career-value.

About Us

The body of evidence the learner needs to prove career-readiness

Personalized student activity record that helps students, parents and teachers guide learning towards career-readiness

Let's modernized the way we teach!

True personalized mastery learning with real-time evidence of student engagement.

The Learner's educational journey with a roadmap how to get there!

Author, curate and publish your content so students can master the content to prove career-readiness!

My vision

  As a high school teacher since the mid-80’s I’m passionate about bringing this tech to the K-12 market to help kids!

Until Corporations use their enterprise platforms to train our youth which are their future employees the K-12 education system will continue to provide ill prepared employees not having the knowledge, skills and level of performance needed for career-readiness!   

I’m not a business. I’m a teacher who wants to prepare kids for career-readiness so they can have a stable financial life, find their version of happiness and can become a positive citizen (+C).  

Supporting The Vision


 “With 20 years of experience in the learning content authoring space we have come to understand the power of learning content metrics and the promise of xAPI,” says dominKnow CEO Luke Hickey. 

“That’s why we are so proud to be an integral part of xAPI Learning Stream’s vision to empower educators around the globe to increase student engagement, track interactions, and provide the data to visualize the learner’s movement towards career-readiness." 

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Mitch Baiada - Pfafftown, NC - U.S.A.

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